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The state of customer service in UK fulfilment 

Customer service, growth and fulfilment in the UK

I was speaking to a client of ours the other day and they came to us from a popular UK based fulfilment company that has scale very quickly in the last couple of years. Our client said when they were with them, their technology was pretty cool (albeit not owned by the fulfilment company) but as soon as they hit their growth journey, they completely forgot that their clients were important to them. They didn’t get a response to emails; they couldn’t get hold of anybody on the phone and ultimately, they felt that their small brand was unloved. 

The diamond approach

Having been a small business for the last 30 years, diamond knows exactly what it’s like to not be treated with the respect that we felt we deserved. Which is why we were determined not to build a massive singular fulfilment centre whereby our client’s goods would become anonymous, uncared for and unloved. Instead, we’ve built a network of over 30 local fulfilment centres so that everybody can have a personalised service with a local fulfilment entrepreneur who really cares about the quality of your customer service. Why?  Because frankly their mortgage depends on it.

Customer service

Customer service in fulfilment really counts. I’ve been talking to a new client who’s coming on board with us in March and it’s taken over four months for us to get a start date. In that time, we have had, not only negotiations on rates, but very particular conversations with regards to service level agreements and what we call client working instructions to specifically describe exactly what they’re going to get for every element of their fulfilment journey. For me fulfilment and delivery is a very precise science. You can see when it is not 100% delivered. And frankly if we’re not 100% delivering then our clients have reasonable grounds on which not to pay! 

The client experience

Diamond has worked extensively on its client experience in the last three years particularly. We did this to reduce client attrition to under half of what we believe to be the UK average. It’s not just the technology and the utilisation of our warehouses that binds our clients to us. It’s that we become trusted logistics partners on which people don’t delegate they trust us sufficiently to abdicate the outsourcing of their logistics. And that so that they can grow the rest of their business. 


And not just at HQ but all around the UK. In Bicester you have Sky Wave Gin singing the Tattersalls praises.  Then we have further testimonials:

Molly, Books that Matter

Honestly, we cannot shout highly enough about Diamond and all the support Jo and the team provide for us. This will mark our 5th year working together and we are endlessly recommending Diamond to other business pals!’

Clare, Guava and Gold

‘Diamond is a really good logistics partner and I would recommend them to anyone looking to outsource their fulfilment requirements. Everyone there is so nice, cheerful and helpful.’

Flat Cap Drinks

‘Logistics isn’t our forte and we wanted to trust experts – For me its peace of mind that orders will ship and customers will receive their tracking numbers and all is automated.’ 


Full transparency

Great customer service starts with having 100% transparency and that’s what our systems gives our clients our service entertains and the end customers. In addition to that we do proactive exception management which means we try to mitigate issues when stuff goes wrong. And when it does, we’re really honest about putting our hand up and speedily resolving it. We’re also all about the people not just the parcels and that’s our fulfilment, the jam in the Victoria Sponge of customer experience here at diamond. 

The diamond fulfilment service

So, if you’re sick of just being another fulfilment client in another fulfilment centre then how about you choose the personalised tailored and local approach with diamond logistics fulfilment uk. With over 30 service centres in the UK today and over 3 opening a month we won’t be far away.


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