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Mother’s Day subscription boxes 

With Mother’s Day coming up why don’t you give your mum a Subscription Box treat from some of the clients from diamond? 

It is such a great idea – a mother’s day subscription box, the gift that just keeps on giving. Here are just.a few ideas to think about.


If you want to give her a gift that keeps on giving, you can do what I do for my mum which is to buy her some Freddie’s Flowers. Not delivered by diamond but certainly one of my favourites, it’s a really sweet way of her knowing that every month I’m thinking of her.  

Health & Wellness

Or how about looking at some of our Health and Wellness clients. Whether it’s supplements head to our friends, Hello Day where you could buy mum a bespoke subscription to keep her in tip top form with her vitamins and supplements. 

Bathroom Essentials

Or the lovely Pinar at Takk whereby you can buy those essentials for mum every month so should be reminded of you during her daily ablutions! 

Then you’ve got the lovely people at Guava and Gold for some deliciously indulgent smellies – albeit I don’t know if this is a subscription box but a lovely treat none the less.  

A bottle of something

Ask me I’d be thrilled if my kids bought me a bottle of Sacred’s vodka and a bottle of London Vermouth – I love a dirty martini and I’m running a bit low! We have lots of other alcohol brands from Kromanti Rum, to Sipello to Wine Origins so take your pick, if a tipple is your mums first choice. don’t



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