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Our Business Model for Network Partners

How does Diamond Logistics provide a prudent business model for our Network Partners?

At the start of 2023, Amazon announced that it would be cutting 18,000 jobs across its operations. This news sent a ripple of concern across our network. Many of our Network Partners receive good business from Amazon as Delivery Service Partners. But, while there is no doubt that there will be a contraction in Amazon’s sales, and therefore deliveries, we are confident that the Diamond Network Partners business model will continue to be the most robust and attractive for maintaining business contracts and growing relationships.

Our confidence stems from results

We have proven growth over the last 30 years, including through four recessions, and through this time our Network Partners have not just survived but thrived. There’s a reason for this. The business model we offer is about service expansion, business connections, flexibility and specialist support. Together they create an adaptable business that is able to respond to such market challenges as we are currently facing.

The Diamond Network Partner Business Model

We offer our Network Partners comprehensive support across their business. This includes:


Sales is the key to success. As a Diamond Network Partner, you will be supported through sales training, techniques, service support and our unique selling proposition. Through our partnership you will be able to expand your offering into same day, next day, international delivery and fulfilment services and still retain your existing business. This is why our Network Partners will continue to be attractive as a DSP, whilst also being able to grow their business in other directions too.


We train you fully in the three services including the technology and practical hands-on support. We provide templates for best practice for every element of your business. We evaluate and grade all Network Partners so you know you are part of a network where quality matters.


We will handle your sales invoices and maintain your major carrier accounts. We also finance and administer the aged debt and are responsible for the majority of the credit control. This support covers the heavy lifting of your back-office function, so you can concentrate on growing your business.


We provide you with a Business in a Box including brochures, leaflets and hard copy marketing materials. You will also have access to our online resources and we can provide you with marketing training and templates to be able to grow your own local social media community.

Any good business model must be driven by you

While we will provide you with a proven business model, success is ultimately up to you. Our most successful Network Partners are ambitious, self-motivated, team focused, sales driven, committed to customer service and have developed a sound knowledge of our industry in order to develop their business. If this sounds like you, then Diamond will be great fit!

If you would like to know more about becoming a Network Partner, or discuss how we can help grow your logistics business in 2023, call our team on 0333 567 5888. Alternatively, email us at  or complete our contact form below.


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