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eCommerce must offer Next Day Delivery  and is it really Next Day?

One thing we like to share with our clients at Diamond Logistics is ideas on how they can become more successful. All part of our  “Shared Success” philosophy – help you to succeed, and we all benefit!

“Shared Success” is one of our core values, and it’s on every member of staff’s wall here at diamond. The concept has always driven us in a no-fuss, ‘no need to ask’ way, but in Q4 2017 we’re rolling this out online.

Over the coming months and years you’ll start to see a useful sequence of blog articles in which we share our logistics tips online. If you find these articles useful, then come and talk to us at diamond to see how else we can help your business!

Offer Next Day Delivery 

According to the survey trends that we’ve seen over the last few years, as an eCommerce retailer you need to be aware that the consumer has a high and rising expectation of delivery options when shopping online.

In fact, an Ampersand / YouGov survey of 2,040 consumers in 2017 found that next day delivery is definitely the preferred method for online shopping, but the price has to be right.  

In fact, four times as many people would choose next day rather than same day for their preferred delivery option, but astonishingly enough, one in five retailers do not actually offer next day.

Diamond’s recommendation for you to succeed at eCommerce is to make sure that you have a range of delivery options available, one of which includes a next day option, priced at around the five pound price point.

It’s one of the reasons businesses like Amazon have been so successful. Amazon Prime in two words. And the reality that it’s possible to achieve these kind of delivery standards even if you are a sole proprietor. Or a small start  eCommerce business, working with someone like diamond logistics. You have the full breadth and range of delivery options from 72 hour to 48 hour to 24 hour. And this can even be delivered internationally too.  

Is ‘next day’ really next day delivery?

We often get asked is next day really next day? Yes – it absolutely can be. The exception to this is in peak delivery times when the carrier networks (who deliver all our overnight/next day deliveries) get busy.

The least eCommerce should deliver nowadays is delivery within 24 hours. It fulfils the ever growing consumer need of urgency. I believe in the future that everything will be delivered same day. I certainly know that in Brighton I’ve got incredibly used to Deliveroo whereby anything from wine to groceries can be delivered within 30 minutes. Our Vision is to be able to do this throughout the UK., bringing convenience to millions of people. And as an eCommerce retailer, if you want to be at the forefront of this ongoing online revolution, then you need to make sure your delivery standards match. So at the very least, delivered within 24 hours if not on the very same day. 

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