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Get your small business noticed through social media!

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Once you start up a new business one of the biggest challenges is getting the brand name and product “out there”.  You have a new company and so there for you may not exactly have the money to throw around for paid advertising. At least not yet anyway, these things can take time and that’s why we want to share these tips with you!

  1. Get your business on social media! You may not be a fan of social media but for your business you will be. Social media is the largest platform for word of mouth advertising. People love to share things they love with friends and family, so make sure you are on there and interacting with potential customers.
  2. Hashtag the life out of it! If you are using twitter or Instagram (especially Instagram) make sure you are using hashtags. This allows your customers to be able to find you using keywords in hashtag form. Separate the hashtags from the content itself with a row or two and then go to town on it! The more hashtags you use the more likely you are to be found.

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  1. Collaborate with other businesses. So few people take advantage of this, and that just sounds bonkers to us! If you have a fancy product, why not work with a packaging company and talk about it in a blog that can be shared online. Or perhaps a local farm food store if you product is food related. Everyone loves free exposure, if you write about them working with you, they will share it too, and their customers will then discover you through the blog you wrote about them!
  2. Get friends and family involved. What are friends and family for? Support and help of course! There is no shame what so ever in asking for the help of family and friends to get the word around. They can slip your business into a conversation or even post about it online.
  3. Reward the people who like to shout about your product/services. When someone shares a post, make sure to say thank you. Interact with your potential customers and ask for reviews from past customers. Offer a free gift to someone who shares and interacts with your posts with the use of a “Free Give Away” post sharing competition.


The more active you are online the more people will start to notice you. You build up a friendly reputation and as a result customers are likely to become more loyal to you. People buy from people and it’s important to maintain that element with a small business. After all, that’s why people like small businesses so much.

Once you have your online presence then you are on your way to success! Don’t forget to check out our fulfilment services to see how you can optimise your growth potential! 


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