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New Client Designer Outdoor Lighting share their diamond story

diamond logistics is more than just a successful franchise, we are the success of our clients.


David Maternaghan of Designer Outdoor Lighting has a very healthy 32 years of experience in electronics and lighting. With being one of the first companies to introduce professional LED outdoor lighting to the UK and around Europe, David expressed his knowledge and experience into their products. With an easy to install lighting system that boasts a low voltage LED lighting system available across are wide range of lamps. Designer outdoor lighting emphasise the convenience of their home and business starter kit which allows the ability to add additional lighting a later date.

With the continued growth and success of their sales David decided to seek out diamond to manage their fulfilment process. We decided to catch up with David to find out a little more and get an insight as to why he has chosen to outsource his fulfilment and what advice he might have for others looking to do the same.

We asked the following:

What kind of products do you sell and how did you get into selling?

“Outdoor LED lighting, we pride ourselves in being the first company in the world to offer such an extensive professional range to market all around the world” Thanks to the support from their headquarters, factory and design team Designer Outdoor Lighting where able to introduce their products into the market.

Who do you sell your products to?

“We previously sold our products on a projects basis to UK commercial customers prior to diamond. Now however, with our new updated website and diamond’s support we hope to open our market to home as well as commercial customers across the UK.  With time we hope to reach more professional markets to the likes of architects, garden landscapers, local installers and electricians. All of which are currently being offered a great commercial incentive. “

What fulfilment systems did you have pre diamond logistics?

“None, we ran it ourselves from our warehouse in Wales.” David now occupies space in our Guildford warehouse. 

How has partnering with diamond logistics impacted you so far?

“Having only just joined diamond, so far our sales are slow but picking up through our website as we are now able to grow our line and prominence.” currently David occupies space in our Guildford warehouse.

Is there any advice or tips you would give to new entrepreneurs looking to use fulfilment services such as those at diamond logistics?

“Fulfilment service is the only way to avoid excessive overhead in the starting phases. Effectively we can now offer a full service, which we weren’t unable to do previously, this is certainly something you should look into!”


Designer outdoor lighting are now able to look into adding new products to their range, allowing them the time to advertise to their targeted area. With the comfort of knowing their products are being managed and fulfilling their customer expectations, they are now able to focus on the more important things!  


If you would like to know more about how diamond logistics can benefit your company then get in touch today with our online form for a call back!


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