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How does Overnight shipping work?


To the general public, Overnight shipping (or Next Day carrier or courier) seems to discuss the delivery time only.

All this industry lingo isn’t really helpful, so we thought we’d explain it a little further.

The reality is overnight shipping is a logistics term that primarily relates to the process of consolidation which drives down the cost of your delivery. 

Let’s take a closer look.


The Overnight Shipping Journey

The journey of your consignment when on an Overnight or Next Day journey is a bit like this.

It will be collected from your business premises by a local courier, possibly in a long-wheelbase Transit van.

It will then be taken into a local depot for consolidation, possibly onto an HGV, and then trucked to a central UK location (for our UK based clients) whereby it will be sorted into various onward vehicles that will take it to the local delivery depot closest to the end destination.

There, it will then be sorted once again and placed onto smaller vehicles for that vital last-mile delivery.


You can see that next day delivery or overnight shipping is quite complicated, and that process takes a lot of time, hence the 24 hours that elapse between you inputting your package into these delivery networks and it being delivered on the other end.

The cycle is broadly 24 hours hence the name overnight or next day delivery. 


Why Choose Overnight Delivery?

Now the reality is there a variety of service options nowadays for those wishing to save more money, from 24 to 48 to 72 hours.

But my feeling is the more time you’ve got to deliver, the more opportunity it’s got to go wrong as it’s deprioritised!

But that could just be me!

The reality is that overnight is also an umbrella term for deliveries that are not just for UK domestic, but also for international deliveries.

At Diamond Logistics, we can also deliver Overnight to places such as Berlin, Paris and any major EU city – albeit it’s a little bit more difficult since Brexit (thank you Boris). 

If you want to know more, then why not visit our Overnight and International delivery FAQs page?

I hope that’s been helpful. If we can help you with your Overnight or Next Day deliveries, give us a shout on 0333 567 5888, email or complete the below Contact form to find out more:

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