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Are next day or overnight deliveries guaranteed?

Next day or overnight delivery means even if Diamond Logistics collects your package, it will be passed to one of our carrier partners to deliver on your behalf. Now you use Diamond because not only do we negotiate better rates with the carriers then you probably can, but we also get corporate customer service which makes it easy to solve problems and we can use multiple different carriers, so we choose the right carrier for your goods and their delivery requirements at the very best price. 

Now not all carriers are the same for next day delivery. There are also loads of variations in terms of the next day delivery companies, as various videos on TikTok show you! The public has challenging views in terms of people such as Hermes, but we believe the expectations are unrealistic when the cost of a delivery can be as little as two or three pounds if Hermes is delivering. Effectively you get what you pay for, utilising someone such as DPD, who quite actually have the best IT and delivery rates of any of our carriers, may be right if your goods are more important and valuable – or your customer expects a better delivery experience. And then there’s a myriad of carrier options in between. 

The wonderful thing about utilising Diamond Logistics’ Despatchlab – our one stop logistics platform – to manage all your logistics is that you get to choose the right carrier to the right kind of goods. This means if it is cheap and non-important then Hermes is the right choice. Or if it is more important and needs to be tracked then DPD is maybe the right choice. Or if it is super precious then use one of our very owned Diamond couriers now available in 30 sites around the UK. And the very best thing is you don’t have to decide our clever system algorithms make those decisions for you. 

The most important thing to remember is is that an overnight or next day delivery can never be guaranteed. Once upon a time we had a client who was trying to deliver an £82 million pound tender to Edinburgh on an overnight carrier. We refused because the tiny margin of error of it not arriving in time for that tender acceptance would have cost the company dearly. So, we literally drove it from their premises to the tender destination in Edinburgh. And the happy result of that was an £82 million contract awarded shortly thereafter. It would have been a very different story if the overnight delivery had been slightly delayed. 

I hope that has giving you a little bit of insight in terms of what next day delivery really is, also known as overnight delivery, and that helps you decide in terms of what kind of career to use if you need some advice in terms of next day or overnight carriers to choose then please give us a call – 0333 567 5888 or – or complete the below contact form:

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