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Is next day shipping the same as overnight shipping?

If you’re new to delivering then some of the industry jargon can be confusing. So, to put you in the know, we are creating a series of guides to try and explain some of this logistics lingo so you can understand your deliveries better. The first topic in this series is ‘Is next day shipping the same as overnight shipping?’  

Fundamentally, it is. Next day and overnight refer to the delivery process as much as the time of delivery as discussed in our article “How does overnight shipping work?“.

Next day and overnight refer to the consolidation process which enables you to drive the cost down of your deliveries and standardise it regardless of where it’s being delivered to. It also adds a little bit of risk in terms of its delivery percentages – you need to budget for 2% to 3% margin of error. Now that margin of error doesn’t necessarily mean the goods won’t be delivered, simply that they may be delayed or they may be lost. You can refer to our other article on “Are next day or overnight deliveries guaranteed?” where we talk about the difference between Carrier versus Courier and where Same Day Courier might be a good choice if your goods are very urgent and very important. 

The most important thing to say is that, broadly, next day shipping is the same as overnight shipping. However, ‘overnight’ may not be 24 hours – its dependant on the service selected – it may be 24, 48 or even 72 hours. It’s also dependent on the carrier that is used and the service that is used. It’s funny actually – even ‘shipping’ is a pretty old fashioned term too but it’s still used in the old logistics vernacular. We are classicists here clearly.  Mostly overnight or next day goes by road or air. 

It’s really important to remind users that overnight shipping and next day shipping is not just for UK domestic consignments. We can reach major cities in the US and Europe overnight too thanks to our great partners such as FedEx. 

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