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How does the same day delivery process work?

Same day courier is the original, classic way of delivering your urgent and important goods. From the historic initial run of the courier at the Battle of Marathon in 490BC, the same day delivery process has been, for hundreds of years, the most reliable way to ensure that your very important parcels reach their recipient without fail.

Luckily, our couriers don’t have to run 26.2 miles anymore – we’ve been using vans for a while – and the technology may have moved on from a pair of sandals, a tunic and a scroll of paper; but the fundamentals remain the same.

How does the same day courier service work?

Today booking a same day courier is very easy. Any notice you can give us is great, but this delivery service really is ad hoc and you can book it on the day the same day delivery is required. Many of our clients still prefer the classic methodology of phoning up to get that vocal reassurance that their important consignment is being dealt with – you wouldn’t book an ambulance on line, now would you?! But it is also possible to book online via our logistics management platform, Despatchlab.

Booking on Despatchlab means your job is automatically added to our ‘control screen’ which is where jobs are ready to be allocated. It will be overseen by our controller, but Despatchlab is also able to recommend what driver is right for what job. The courier will then be allocated the job and any special instructions, directly.

What is the same day delivery process?

Normally same day courier work will be picked up anywhere between 30 and 45 minutes from job being booked and will be delivered by the same courier, directly. The Despatchlab platform provides 100% transparency and vehicle tracking, for your parcels entire journey, via our app used by our drivers. This driver app also gives our drivers access to the best route dependant on the prevailing road conditions and time of day. The driver app also incorporates proof of delivery capture so you have a legal proof that your goods have been delivered.

This delivery service is used by a variety of our clients; from pathology labs, to hospitals, to solicitors, to printers, to marketing companies. People use same day courier if the goods are very urgent, very precious, unreplaceable, or sufficiently bulky, that is difficult and expensive to put through one of the overnight networks. It’s often worth looking at same day courier services when you’ve got a full van load, as a natural alternative to overnight courier. It may be surprisingly more cost effective. Which is why, on our platform under your overnight booking screen, there’s a little button so that you can upgrade to a same day and compare the cost.

What other services work well with same day courier?

Our same day courier capability and set up means that we can also provide a combined service of same day fulfilment and delivery – we call it DiamondTime. This works really effectively for remote storage and delivery all around the UK; for a variety of companies like IT hardware, fibre optics, telecom’s or even replenishing medical supplies to local medical practitioners.

Delivering important consignments

Same day delivery process is effectively a chauffeur driven service for your very important packages. It’s collected by trained professionals, its entire journey is tracked and traced through technology, and you have instantaneous proof of delivery from our driver app. When you need that additional reassurance, same day courier is the way to go.

If you’d like to find out more about our same day courier service, our team can be contacted on 0333 567 5888. Alternatively, email us at or complete our contact form below.


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