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How fast is next day delivery?

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it’s a Diamond Logistics courier! 

Truth be known our couriers don’t tend to wear their underpants on the outside of their trousers but we think they are superheroes all the same. The logistics industry has established itself as absolutely vital, particularly in the last three years as we face the pandemic, with the public appreciating more and more what it takes for us to deliver. But, sometimes carrier delivery expectations can fail to meet client expectations particularly in terms of overnight or next day delivery.

What is next day delivery?

When people ask how fast is the next day delivery the hint is in the title, right? But ultimately speaking, next day delivery and or overnight shipping is a commonly used phrase that refers to the consolidation of consignments, not necessarily the time it will take to deliver. 

As logistics businesses come under more and more pressure, and the volume of consignments increases exponentially, the reality is delays can and will happen. From everything from weather challenges, seasonal promotions such as prime day or Black Friday or indeed Christmas, sometimes the next day delivery simply won’t arrive next day. It also depends on what service you choose as a business and what time you choose as a business to deliver to your customers.  Some very low cost carriers including Hermes and Royal Mail can take up to three to five days to deliver with various service options from 24 to 48 to 72 hours.  

Using a more premium carrier such as FedEx tends to mean that consignments are delivered within 24 hours, with the proviso that all next day deliveries and overnight deliveries are subject to a tiny margin of failure that needs to be built into every delivery option decisions.

The rule of thumb is that to most major urban conurbations from most major urban conurbations within the UK, Europe and some US major cities, next day can be next day. Anything out of these fairly firm remits and you should presume two to three days for delivery, if not more.  

Need guaranteed delivery? Same Day Courier is what you need

When considering the speed of your delivery, if you absolutely want to guarantee that it’s delivered on time, and it’s urgent, important or precious, then we would thoroughly recommend same day courier. But if you’ve got a little time the goods are worth less and you (or your customer) can wait, the overnight and next day service gives you over a  98% chance that everything will be just fine. And for many the cost savings that come with this more than compensate for the tiny amount of risk.

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