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How the right logistics technology can help transform your courier business 

Throughout our 30 years of experience in logistics, we have seen how technology can fundamentally transform a courier business. With the right logistics management platform in place, your courier business can expand its offering, reduce its overheads and integrate all of its operations. This is why we have invested in our own logistics management platform, Despatchlab, which has allowed our Network Partners to take their businesses to the next level.  

Here, we take a closer look at how the right logistics technology can transform your courier business. 

A one-stop logistics platform

Despatchlab is a one-stop logistics platform for all users. It allows you and your customers to book, track and manage courier requirements, carrier parcels, consignments and shipments, all on the same platform.  

Our logistics platform also manages the entire fulfilment process – from inventory management to picking, packing and despatch. It is completely transparent, easy to use and integrates with all major marketplaces, giving your clients clarity and peace of mind.   

This level of integration allows your business to operate with optimum efficiently, no matter the complexity of your logistics.  

Expanding your services with logistics technology

Many of our current Network Partners approached us because they wanted to expand their courier business into other services. As any courier operator will know, focusing on only one or two services can be economically unstable due to the peaks and troughs in demand against increasing overheads.  

By expanding your services to include same day, next day and international, and storage and fulfilment, you can create a more economically stable business with consistent income throughout the year. However, this expansion is only possible through integrated logistics technology that can seamlessly work between different service offerings to provide the best solution. 

This expansion can transform your courier business into a unique and far-reaching logistics and fulfilment service. It will also place you in the ideal position to offer same day fulfilment, a service increasing expected by today’s customers. 

Reducing your overheads with logistics technology

Using an integrated logistics management platform will help you to reduce your overheads through automation. This includes: 

  • Reducing your headcount and general expenses by housing all carrier, fulfilment and marketplace management in one place 
  • Active management by staff is only required for the 3% of exceptions, which will be automatically flagged through the system. This removes the need for Controllers on-site 
  • All job allocation and processes are constructed by the platform for optimum efficiency in time and cost  
  • The technology will manage efficiency and productivity throughout your business, including picking, transport, fuel usage, staffing, managing and administration  
  • It reduces the customer service requirement as customers can access all information, queries and requests through the system 
  • Through GPS and vehicle tracking you will know exactly where the courier is, reducing administration and chasing 

All of these efficiencies allow you and your team to concentrate their efforts on business development, rather than the day-to-day running. 

As Daniel Allin, Chief Product and Innovation Officer, describes, ‘Despatchlab combines courier, carrier, inventory and pick management into one platform. Typically, this was the job of three people. This means our Network Partners can run their business on the third of the staff of a typical Logistics business. The transparency the system delivers means your clients can find out the information they need without having to refer to you. From initial booking to driver collection to end delivery, it’s all live for the customer to see.’

Creating a personal service through logistics technology

Courier companies often develop a personal relationship with their regular clients through their trusted service. While you may be concerned that switching to a more technologically driven business model may lose this personal touch, in reality, the opposite is true.  

Despatchlab has been created to offer direct connection and communication between you and your clients. The efficiencies it will add to your business will only help to keep your regular clients happy and assured. And it will free you up to talk with existing and new clients about the services they need from you now and in the future. 

If you’d like to find out how Despatchlab could revolutionise your operations, get in touch. Our team can be contacted on 0333 567 5888. Alternatively, email us at or complete our contact form below.


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