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Is logistics a good career choice?

Natalie Wainwright, Group Operations Director at Diamond Logistics, shares why she thinks logistics should be the profession of choice.   

It’s a question that’s asked amongst logistics professionals: how did you get into logistics? More often than not, UK logisticians found their profession by accident. Fell into it. And they’re incredibly grateful they did. Yes, they would say, logistics is a good career choice. 

Logistics touches everything. It stores and moves the clothes we buy and the food we eat. In recent months, we’ve seen logistics take centre stage, supporting the successful rollout of the vaccine programme. Logistics has absorbed the complexities and challenges of Brexit: from new rules around customs, delays at ports to resolving the driver shortage. So if you want an exciting career, which involves problem solving, sophisticated technology and touches all lives, choose logistics. 

At Diamond, when we find a good logistician, we want to keep them, so we make sure a career within our operation is challenging, varied and rewarding. At Diamond, you have the opportunity to be a specialist in a chosen field, but you can also learn and understand other departments within the business such as finance and technology. 

There is the opportunity to get under the skin of profit and loss, of forecasting, and experience a real overview of how a business operates. As a company, we’re big enough to tackle the opportunities of one with a national reach, but still small enough that you can learn every function within it. 


We put our people at the heart of everything we do 

Working at Diamond, you’re part of a team that breeds entrepreneurial flair and exposes you to a very autonomous working nature.  Democratic leadership is something Diamond supports at every level to give everyone a voice within the business, to be part of the solution or challenge.   

Being autonomous in a trusted workforce is a value that we aspire to and a motivator for our colleagues to be fully accountable and self-sufficient within their roles.  

We welcome school leavers, graduates and career changers.  We embrace energy and hard work and harness those skills to navigate the important journey of self-development and promotion.  Outperforming your current role is something we expect at Diamond. We nurture and support the mobility of ambitious team members to move within a business that is dynamic and continually changing.   


Every voice matters 

At Diamond you have the ability – at any level – to support the strategic direction of the business, which is incredibly beneficial to both parties. Our approach to communication means all Diamond colleagues have the opportunity to make a difference on projects and strategy and have a major influence on business decisions.   


Career as a Diamond Logistics Network Partner  

By becoming a Diamond Logistics Network Partner, ambitious couriers are exposed to a national business with local SME type values. This allows all of our colleagues to develop a multitude of skills from relationship building, geographical improvement, national solution design work, remote management and leadership, national supplier management to name a few.  Having the national responsibility and understanding the cultural subtleties sharpens social and formal communications skills to heighten presentation and relationship acumen that become hardcoded, and enhances development. 

A career in logistics is very fulfilling. And once you’re in, you won’t want to leave (we promise). Jobs in areas such as IT, marketing and engineering are well known and have a lot to offer, sure. But logistics is business infrastructure which determines success or failure. The last two years have proved its place in business and society is critical. It’s time for logistics to be the profession of choice. 



To find out more about how to join the Diamond Logistics team as a Network Partner or within Diamond HQ, complete the following form: 

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