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Joining the diamond network – Cambridge Network Partner Profile

In addition to our Home Service Centres in Guildford & Bournemouth, diamondlogistics have a nationwide network of logistic partners who decided to join Team diamond to diversify into the world of Overnight Domestic and International Deliveries, Multi Carrier logistics & Fulfilment.

Maybe you are a Same Day Delivery company looking to diversify & tap into a further revenue stream?

We could tell you why we think everyone should join the diamond family as a Network Partner but instead we will let the Network Partners tell you themselves.

Today we speak with James Robinson & Frank Coen of diamondlogistics Cambridge in our diamond Network Partner Profile Q&A:

Team Cambridge:

James Robinson – Owner

Frank Coen – Owner

Harriet Robinson – Logistics Consultant

Natalie Bye – Logistics Consultant

Company Name: James Robinson Transport  &  ConRob  &  Coney Express

Network Partner Location: Cambridge

Service Centre Address: Unit 22 Glenmore Business Park, Ely Road, Cambridge, CB25 9FX

Originally from: Reach, Cambridge & Galway, Ireland

Family: Harriet – “Far too Big! My partner Jamie, mum, step dad, 2 full sisters, brother, 1 step brother and soon to be 3 more step siblings and a step mum when my Dad marries”.

James – “I have 4 wonderful children from my first marriage. 3 daughters and a son. I also have a step son & will soon have a wife and 3 more step children”.

Frank – “I am married to my wife, have 2 children & my horse!”

Natalie – “My husband, 1 son, 1 labrador & 2 cats”.

Hobbies & Interests of Team diamond Cambridge:

Harriet – “Horses, Photography, Gin….alcohol in general, Eating out and finding new quirky restaurants”.

James – “Water skiing, Walking, Running”.

Frank – “Rugby, Horse Racing, Gin……lots of Gin”.

Natalie – “Travelling, Taking my dog on long walks, Spending time with my family”.

When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up:

Harriet – “Marine Biologist”

James – “Fisherman”

Frank – “Accountant”

Natalie – “Successful!”

How did you get into logistics:

Harriet – “Through my dad, I started just part time doing his office work and slowly started to know the ropes of his business and was enticed in to work along side him”.

James – “I was skint & needed work!!”

Frank – “I wanted to find a business I enjoyed, with small expenses. The harder you work the more you earn”.

Where did the Company Name come from:                                                 

James – “My own name & ConRob is mine and Frank’s names combined”.

Frank – “Coney is my nickname and express, well I wanted to call it ‘Quick as F***’ but had to express it other ways!”

What year did you found your Company:                                                     

James – 2009

Frank – 2005

What is your company story and history / growth to date:                            

James – “I was a one man band working with courier exchange, quickly finding companies to work directly for and in 2014 acquired my second van. The growth continued year after year from then on. In the last two years we have been operating 8 vans every day, in addition to our subcontractor company. I met frank about 10 years ago doing a job for him on Courier Exchange. We’ve been friends since and in the last year we decided to team up”.

Frank – “Company growth has been up 40% year on year for the last four years. I’ve known James for around 10 years as he did a job for me on Courier Exchange. After speaking with diamond, James & I decided to go into business together. We are both Company Directors of ConRob”.

Tell us about your team:                                                                                 

James – Owner / Company Director

Frank – Owner / Company Director

Harriet – Logistics Consultant – “Harriet is Jame’s daughter and has been working for him since March 2020. Harriet is also a logistics consultant, having previously worked in e-commerce at Waitrose and has a great understanding of the various systems & programmes”.

Natalie – Logistics Consultant – “As one of our logistics consultants, Natalie has worked in similar industries dealing with carriers so I thought she would be great for the role”.

What do you enjoy about owning your own business & being in Logistics:   

James – “Alongside being able to make a comfortable living, the freedom to make my own decisions and the challenges that each day brings whilst always providing a great client service”.

What business sectors do your current clients come from:

Harriet – “JRT specialises in heavy goods, however our clients vary”

James – “Various….anybody and everybody we can!”

Why did you decide to diversify now & what will / does your partnership with diamond mean to your business:                                                                  

James – “Joining diamondlogistics allows our business to scale & evolve, hopefully ensuring a continuity of cash flow”.

What drew you to diamond:

Harriet – “I decided to work with Frank and my Dad James, because I wanted to challenge myself within my work and found Waitrose wasn’t doing this for me. Also wanted to better my life financially ensuring I was enjoying the job and wanting to work harder to progress my career and have more control in work than being a number in a big chain business”.

James – “Frank & I both had contact with Dan over the years and I visited diamondlogistics Guildford and was most impressed with their set up”.

Anything else you want to add:

Harriet – “I’m really looking forward to the knowledge and experience diamond is going to give me. The two launch days we spent with Dan and Becky really interested me and I found extremely helpful”.

To find out more about the services available at diamondlogistics Cambridge & touch base with James, Frank & the team at or call on 01223904132


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