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Logistics Environmental Focus 2023 – Diamond Leading the Way

The urgency of the climate emergency is no longer a distant concern, but a reality we face today.

From the devastating wildfires in Canada to the recent Farnham Heath fires just miles away from our Surrey office, the impacts of global warming are tangible. The discussions on this issue, which started over three decades ago when I was in school, have come to fruition. As I sit here in the midst of a glorious sunny spell, appreciating the transformed summers in the UK since my arrival in 1987, I cannot ignore the catastrophic consequences experienced by others. While the emergence of vineyards across East Sussex due to milder winters brings economic and social benefits, we must also address the detrimental effects of warming waters in Aberdeen, leading to wildlife loss and nutrient depletion. Droughts, storms, and floods are becoming increasingly prevalent, necessitating immediate action.

Committed to Mission Zero

Logistics, by its very nature, poses challenges in achieving environmental sustainability. Nevertheless, Diamond is unwavering in its commitment to support Mission Zero. We have recently appointed Melanie Tattersall, as an extensively qualified Sustainability Champion, who is spearheading our organisation-wide transformation. Through the implementation of an assessment questionnaire and an updated environmental checklist, we are establishing a baseline and formulating a comprehensive plan to address our deficiencies over the next five to ten years. Aligned with the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals, we are working collectively to minimise our ecological footprint.

Action for the Environment

As both an individual and a CEO, I must admit that my previous regard for environmental matters may have been insufficient. While we have been proactive in various areas such as recycling, LED lighting adoption, and adherence to charters, there is always room for improvement, both personally and as a business. Having been pioneers in the courier industry, serving on the Despatch Associations committee and establishing the industry’s first environmental charter in the late 1990s, we have built upon our initiatives by partnering with Carbon Footprint for carbon offsetting and sponsoring rainforests for each parcel delivered. Moreover, we have embarked on the electric vehicle revolution. These endeavours have set us apart from many logistics companies, yet we acknowledge that more must be done.

Our Environmental Efforts

It is incumbent upon individuals and consumers to diligently assess the environmental efforts of their chosen logistics providers. In our e-commerce division, we have the power to drive change. We have embraced 100% recyclable packaging and made a conscientious decision to decline business from entities that use plastic in their packaging processes. Furthermore, we have introduced electric vehicles to 60% of our Guildford fleet and adopted a policy of prolonging the lifespan of our existing vehicles to minimize carbon emissions. Our comprehensive analysis has confirmed that maximizing vehicle usage while responsibly transitioning to electric vehicles is the most environmentally friendly approach. To further exemplify our commitment, we have transitioned 98% of our cleaning products to eco-friendly alternatives and fully converted our lighting systems to LEDs.

Sustainable Fleet Management

In addition, we are actively shifting away from single-use vehicles by leveraging our state-of-the-art same-day logistics management system, prioritizing consolidated deliveries, and employing electric vehicles for local operations. Furthermore, we have eliminated plastic water bottles from all company events. Every small effort contributes to the battle against rising global temperatures, and I assure you that Diamond is dedicated to doing its utmost for the environment.

Useful Links

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Let us join forces in creating a greener, cleaner, and more sustainable world. Together, we can make a significant impact and secure a better future for generations to come.


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