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Low-Cost Overnight and International Deliveries for Surrey Businesses


In 2011, when Daniel Allin approached Diamond Founder Kate Lester with regards to adding Overnight and International services to Diamond Logistics, traditionally a Same Day courier business, Kate was sceptical.


Since then though, the quality of the carrier network has improved so much and the business has got so used to the concept of 24-hour deliveries, that it was a very wise move for the business to take on board these services.

This means now that Diamond Logistics Guildford has a fair split between Overnight and international deliveries and their classic Same Day courier services.


Overnight and international deliveries from Guildford

Diamond Logistics in Guildford can provide all businesses with Overnight and International carrier delivery for a very cost-effective rate.

Working with carriers such as DPD, DHL, Yodel, Evri and even Royal Mail, Diamond Can provide all companies with really cost-effective overnight services, all managed on our Despatchlab platform.

The services are particularly good for people who have a mixed freight profile, i.e.. small bits, long bits and large bits going to multiple destinations all around the UK and indeed the world.

The ability to consolidate all of your multiple carrier requirements through one local supplier means you get the best opportunity to negotiate the best rates and have the best routing or the best carrier for the goods that you’re trying to distribute.

Let us explain what this actually means.

If you are, for example, a curtain manufacturer and you distribute curtains, poles and curtain hooks, then each consignment needs a different carrier.

Curtains would be great on a parcel carrier.

Long poles need an IDW (Irregular Dimension and Weight) carrier.

Low cost items such as curtain hooks are best directed via one of our cheaper service providers.

Why Diamond Logistics couriers?

So what you really need is a company that can send all your goods via the very best carrier for the type of goods that you’re distributing.

For example, we have some carriers that are exceptionally good at delivering to the Scottish Highlands, or Africa, even.

We have got carriers that are very good at delivering business to business and others that are better at home deliveries.

There really are lots of choices to be made.

The great thing is that all this knowledge is built into our Despatchlab system. So you don’t have to do the work and decide where all your goods need to go to.

All you have to do is to put the consignments into the Diamond Despatchlab system and its clever algorithms work out all of this for you.

This means you get the best carrier for your goods, going to the relevant destination for the best price. It’s extremely smart logistics.

Kate tells us: “I believe Diamond Logistics in Guildford is the only company to provide this kind of service. If you’d like to see how Diamond Logistics’ multi-carrier Overnight and International solution can help your business deliver more efficiently and potentially save up to 20% of your classic logistics rates, then get in touch today.”

Get in touch today to discuss your Overnight and International delivery requirements – Call 0333 567 5888, email or complete the below Contact Form:


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