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Opportunity in Adversity – Get Online

Is your shop shut due to current social distancing recommendations or due to staff shortages? Get online and continue selling with diamond. There really is opportunity in adversity and we are eager to see all retailers in our communities keep trading in these tricky times.

Firstly, if you are not online already, it’s easier than you think to get online – including the vital bit of getting your goods delivered to your clients. Easy to use platforms such as Shopify link seamlessly with our logistics platform and enable our clients to deliver either via our same day couriers or the major domestic or International carriers.

It’s particularly easy if you have a good social presence or keep in touch with you clients via email then you have a ready-made audience to target your goods to. Marketing is essential in online success.

We also have top tips from one of our clients, Kate Bell, who herself sells successfully online. You can get her great tips here.


A simple website and smooth delivery operation are also key, so we have boiled it down to the bare essentials to help you get online and fast.

There’s three very easy steps:
  1. Get yourself an online shop – the quickest and easiest we have found is                   Shopify.
  2. Take pictures and upload your shop contents
  3. Sort out your delivery – integrating your online platform with delivery options

Obviously number 3 is the bit that we can help you with – very easily and very quickly via our platform despatchlab. This gives you fully integrated logistics support. Many diamond sites – and we have over 20 – have a fixed price offer on Local delivery plus great Overnight prices so we can really help you reach your audience even if your shops are shut. Find you nearest site here

If you are not wanting to man your shop and fulfil your orders we can take your stock in for you too – you can outsource your fulfilment entirely to us and can read up on more of that here. This will make self-isolation even easier!

Online shopping is still holding strong – after all people aren’t going on holiday so have money to spare and are stuck at home so online shopping is a very nice way to while away the hours.

We remain open and supporting all our online clients – some of whom have seen an upturn in the last days and weeks. It’s important we help our local retail community survive this difficult time and diamond is here to help.


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