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Same Day Delivery Guide

The ultimate same day delivery guide

The benefits, considerations and key facts to enhancing Your customer journey

Fasten your seatbelts because we are going to cover everything you need to know about Same Day Delivery. And if there is any random question that we miss here, give us a call. Don’t wait. Pick the phone up; we would love to hear from you.

There are more how’s, why, benefits, and considerations than you know; and when you are choosing a company to work with, experience is everything. Of course, it’s not only about how many years you have traded, but also how you support your customers and what you learn along the way to be able to pull off that complicated task or someone else’s dropped ball.

FACT: Deliveries that are being missed

In the UK, approximately 12% of all deliveries are missed!

That’s equivalent to millions of packages each year! Missed deliveries often lead to interesting adventures, from packages left in unusual places to creative notes from delivery drivers trying to find a secure spot for the delivery. Some even end up in neighbouring gardens or with unknown neighbours who become temporary caretakers of the parcels until they’re united with the recipients.

It’s a testament to the unexpected twists that can occur in the world of deliveries!


How is same day delivery possible?

Same day delivery is made possible through a combination of advanced logistics, efficient supply chain management, and innovative technology.

At Diamond, we look after your parcel like it was something coming to one of us. Carried from one destination to another with care and handed to the correct place or person.

Usually, a same day courier will pick up anywhere between 30 and 45 minutes from a booked job and the package is delivered by the same courier, directly.

Our logistics management platform is called Despatchlab. We integrate throughout so that we can track the entire process and provide 100% transparency. Vehicle tracking for your parcel’s entire journey is done via the Despatchlab app used by our drivers. This driver app also gives our drivers access to the best route depending on the prevailing road conditions and time of day.

Advanced algorithms calculate the most efficient delivery routes, ensuring quick and accurate deliveries. The driver app also incorporates delivery capture, giving you legal proof that your goods have been delivered.

This delivery service is used by various clients, from pathology labs to hospitals, solicitors to printers, and marketing companies. People typically use same day couriers if the goods are very urgent, very precious, unreplaceable, or sufficiently bulky and are difficult and expensive to put through one of the overnight networks.

Our same day courier capability and set-up means we can also provide a combined service of same day fulfilment and delivery – we call it DiamondTime.

It’s often worth looking at same day courier services when you’ve got a full van load as a natural alternative to a next day courier service. It may be surprisingly more cost-effective. This is why, on our platform, under your next day booking screen, there’s a little button to upgrade to a same day and compare the cost. Nice uh?

Same day delivery is possible, therefore, through a strategic blend of advanced logistics, optimised supply chain management, innovative technology, and collaboration with reliable delivery partners.

The cocktail of these elements enables businesses to fulfil customer orders swiftly and efficiently, laying the foundation for the seamless implementation of same day delivery services and excellent customer relations.

Why are more consumers choosing same day delivery?

It is easier to provide same day delivery when you can understand how it works and some of the motivations of consumers.

The main reason, quite apparent in some ways, is that same day delivery offers unparalleled convenience, saving consumers time and effort. Our thirst for instant gratification is alive and kicking in every corner of industry.

However, same day delivery is crucial during emergencies, ensuring essential items reach consumers promptly. Delivering medical supplies through a same day delivery service, for example, is something that Diamond understands very well and has a vast amount of experience in. We are equipped to deal with this level of urgency with our far-reaching network and technical capabilities.

Of course, businesses offering same day delivery gain a competitive edge, attracting more customers. Often, a consumer will use the company offering same day even when they don’t need it. It’s good, from our perspective to show customers the full suite of services available and let them consider options through our platform. However, it is also reassuring for consumers to know that a business has all its boxes ticked and understands its responsibility to them.

When buying, you don’t want to be left feeling unconfident that it will arrive on time – or at all! The more you can put in place to give your customers more assurance, the better.

The rising preference for same day delivery among consumers can be attributed to its unmatched convenience, offering instant gratification, catering to emergency needs, and providing a competitive advantage for businesses.

This trend highlights the evolving demands of modern consumers, emphasising the pivotal role of same day delivery in enhancing customer satisfaction and changing the success of the retail landscape.

FACT: Same day delivery can be used to deliver anything!

Same day delivery services have fulfilled orders for diverse items, from pet alpacas to wedding cakes. At Diamond, we are ready for you! What have you got?

Enhancing your customer’s journey

It goes without saying that when your customers have a great experience, not only will they come back, but they will tell others to come along too.

Putting the spangle on your customer journey will mean so much when they are dealing with you. Did you map out the journey of your customers? Did you stand in their shoes?

Going to great lengths to bring about great results means working with partners willing to do the same.

Provide transparent information about delivery times, tracking options, and potential delays. Excellent communication at all times in good and tricky!

Tailor the delivery experience based on customer preferences, such as delivery time slots and personalised messages.

Delivery meets inspired marketing.

Getting full names at the start allows personalisation to work very nicely. What other ideas can you and your marketing team develop to get into your customer’s radar?

Offer responsive customer support to address queries and concerns promptly, ensuring a positive experience. Astonishing customer service can run like a thread of red wine through water through every aspect of your business. It is worth checking that everyone facing your customers are briefed to your standards.

At the end of your transaction, encourage customers to provide feedback. Include any questions about suppliers you work with and, in particular, their delivery experience. This process allows you to identify areas for improvement.

Gather your responses and get together with the rest of your company to keep polishing that customer journey. We encourage you to include Diamond in that so we can show you how your customer’s journey can reflect in your customer journey with us.

Offering convenience to consumers

Same day delivery is reshaping the retail landscape in the UK, offering unprecedented convenience to consumers.

By understanding the logistics, consumer motivations, benefits, and pitfalls and implementing strategies to enhance the customer journey, businesses can successfully navigate the world of same day delivery, delighting customers and fostering long-term relationships.

And finally

Remember! Working with the right logistics company can be light-hearted too.

A delivery driver, armed with a great sense of humour, once received a peculiar request from a customer: “Please hide the package where my husband can’t find it!” Taking the request to heart, the driver left the parcel inside an empty vegetable box near the kitchen. To add a playful touch, the driver left a note: “Congratulations! You’ve found the hidden treasure. Enjoy your surprise!” The customer was not only delighted but also amused by the creative delivery.

This a reminder that even in the world of deliveries, a dash of humour can brighten anyone’s day!



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