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diamond sameday

Same Day Courier Express Delivery  for very urgent consignments.

diamond sameday

for your blue light consignments.

The best way to ensure your VIPs (Very Important Parcels) get delivered on time.

  • It’s fast and direct – straight from collection to delivery
  • It’s safe – the safest way in fact to make sure your Very Important Parcels (VIPs) get delivered
  • Bikes, small vans and transits – pick the vehicle that matches the size of your consignment
  • UK, Europe and International delivery – by land or air
  • £15k goods in transit with every consignment delivered direct
  • Instant proof of deliveries – by email, SMS or even the good ol’ telephone!

Whatever your consignment and whatever the destination our highly skilled drivers will treat your work with the priority it deserves. Its is our speciality and the best way to ensure your VIPs (Very Important Parcels) get to where they need to be.



diamond sameday

for complete peace of mind.

If it’s urgent and important then trust our diamond drivers with our direct delivery courier serves.

diamond sameday effectively chauffeur drives your Very Important Parcels (VIPs) to their destination. From lawyers needing court papers and the delivery of urgent medical supplies to Formula 1 racing teams requiring vital car parts, this is the fastest way to get your consignment delivered.

diamond sameday is collected by our drivers and driven directly to their destination, and you receive a proof of delivery as soon as it arrives. Its the very best way to ensure 100% delivery.

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Case Study

F1 racing team.

Courier services experience very variable demand on and off  season but fixed driving resources. There are also very variable service requirements – visa and passport, same day, bikes, small vans and transits. The demand is always very urgent.

Ad hoc courier services in many  varieties to specifically suit changing needs. On demand and instantaneous for immediate response.

  • Reduced yearlong driver requirement
  • Be able to send in-house drivers to Europe without impacting on UK based collections and delivery requirements, thus reducing costs and maintaining in house expertise at important stages
  • Utilisation of our nationwide network creating a nationwide service managed by a local trusted supplier

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