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Celebrating the success of S&D Logistics: our Milton Keynes Network Partners

S&D Logistics, a proud partner of the Diamond Network, has been serving the Milton Keynes area, including Buckingham and Bedford, since August 2020. With a focus on fulfilment, bespoke delivery, and third-party carrier service, our Milton Keynes Network Partners have become a beacon of success in the logistics industry. As they celebrate their launch anniversary, we take a closer look at their journey, achievements, and the unique collaboration with Diamond Logistics.

Milton Keynes Network Partners

S&D Logistics joined the Diamond Network in February 2020, with the launch delayed until August due to COVID-19 restrictions. Unlike other partners, S&D Logistics wasn’t an established carrier or logistics operator. The founders and their team came from an international trading background and sought to open a local business. Diamond Logistics provided the perfect opportunity, offering a ready-made infrastructure, vast knowledge, ongoing support, and training.

Fulfilment Solutions

S&D Logistics offers a total fulfilment service, including storage, pick & pack, repack, returns, and despatch. They also provide a “direct delivery” service for oversized parcels via their vehicles or contractors. Being part of the Diamond Network has enabled them to offer a complete logistics solution to their customers, backed by professional systems, invoicing, and tracking services.

Diamond Network Partner’s Journey

The partnership with Diamond Logistics has been a game-changer for S&D Logistics. It has allowed them to offer the same facilities and services as a much larger operation while remaining approachable and accessible. The support from Diamond in sales, systems, and customer engagement has been instrumental in their growth.

Success Stories

One notable success story is a client recommended to S&D Logistics by another network partner. The affiliation with Diamond Logistics has positively impacted clients mainly through the booking and warehouse management systems, Despatchlab.

Competitive Edge

Being part of the Diamond Network has given S&D Logistics a competitive edge, enabling them to offer a total solution from one parcel to complete fulfilment. They stand out from other providers by bridging the gap between giant operations and small local operators, offering flexibility and efficiency.

Future Growth

S&D Logistics has been on a steep learning curve since starting with Diamond Logistics. They have steadily built their customer base, with high retention rates proving that the model works. They continue to target SMEs, especially in online sales and engineering sectors, and look forward to furthering growth and collaboration with Diamond Logistics.


“Many SMEs overlook the importance of getting their logistics operation right and how essential this is to grow their business. Working with Diamond Logistics allows us to provide a professional cost-effective solution.”

Stephen Hamilton (Milton Keynes Network Partners)


S&D Logistics’ journey with Diamond Logistics is a testament to the power of collaboration, innovation, and shared success. As they celebrate their launch anniversary as our Milton Keynes Network Partners, their story inspires other fulfilment and delivery businesses to explore the opportunities and benefits of joining the Diamond Network. Their commitment to excellence, customer satisfaction, and continuous growth sets a shining example for others in the industry.

Are you a courier business looking to expand your service offerings? A Diamond Network Partnership might be the right path for you. To find out more, get in touch today. Phone 0333 567 5888. Email us at or use the form below.



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