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A Toast to Tradition: Spotlighting Our Rum Fulfilment Clients

As we embrace the warmth of the summer season, many of us are looking forward to relaxing evenings and celebratory gatherings with friends and family. And what better way to elevate these moments than with a glass of exquisite rum? In this post, we’ll introduce you to some of our top rum fulfilment clients that you need to know for this summer season. We’ve carefully selected these clients based on their unique flavours, high-quality craftsmanship, and exceptional customer service. So, let’s embark on a flavourful journey and discover some amazing options for your summer rum collection!

The Essence of Rum

Rum is more than just a beverage; it’s a symbol of tradition, culture, and artistry. Whether sipping on a classic rum cocktail or exploring new artisan blends, the right rum can transport you to tropical paradises and historical landscapes. Our rum fulfilment clients understand this essence and have crafted their products to offer an unparalleled experience.

Our Rum Fulfilment Clients

KS Spirits

KS Spirits offers an Indian craft spirit called KS, a traditional 40% ABV drink made using age-old methods and a family recipe. Their dedication to authenticity and quality has made them a favourite among rum enthusiasts.

Product Spotlight: KS Indian Craft Spirit – a rich blend that captures the essence of Indian tradition.

Customer Review from Sam:

“My new favourite drink! Just discovered this new spirit! Personally, I really like it neat. It’s got a really rounded flavour and a great little kick. Quickly becoming my guilty pleasure!”

To learn more about KS Spirits, read their success story here.

Kromanti Rum

Specialising in Tamarind infused Spiced Rum, Kromanti Rum has brought a unique twist to the rum industry. Their flexibility in fulfilment and direct contact with customers ensures a personalised experience.

Product Spotlight: Tamarind Infused Spiced Rum – a delightful fusion of tamarind and spices.

Customer Review from Matthew Bowden:

“A fabulous tasting Caribbean rum, distilled by lovely people and finished in the UK, delivered efficiently to the doorstep…what is not to like!!”

To learn more about Kromanti Rum, read their success story here.

Three Ravens Rum

A female-owned artisan spirits brand, Three Ravens offers Caribbean Spiced Rum blended with vanilla, spices, and tropical fruits. Their small-batch approach ensures quality and a taste that’s perfect for easy drinking.

Product Spotlight: Caribbean Spiced Rum – a tropical delight with hints of vanilla and spices.

Customer Review from Sarah M.:

“A must-have for any rum lover. The flavours are rich and captivating!”

To learn more about Three Ravens Rum, read their success story here.

Rum Fulfilment Excellence

These amazing brands have been able to meet the demands of rum aficionados, thanks to a great fulfilment partner. With the help of our fulfilment services, these clients have been able to provide excellent customer experiences, from seamless ordering to exceptional customer service.

Our high-end packaging solution ensures that every bottle is handled with care, reflecting the quality and artistry of the product. Additionally, our flexible and efficient fulfilment services have helped improve the customer experience even further by ensuring timely delivery.


By choosing our featured rum fulfilment clients, you can rest assured that you’re getting not only the best quality products but also an excellent shopping and delivery experience that exceeds your expectations.

So, why wait? Explore these unique rum offerings and start adding exceptional flavours to your summer collection. Or if you are looking to outsource the fulfilment for your own rum or alcohol brand, give us a call on 0333 567 5888, email, or simply complete the form below.

Cheers to a flavourful summer with our extraordinary rum clients!


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