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The C words.

I’m not even saying the viruses name now.  I am completely C——ed out now. Enough, right?  It’s even worse when marketers are using the C word in their email headers – thinking that makes compulsive reading – where as I am sticking those emails straight into my trash file.

I have a selection of much better C- words that have been a useful reminder to my team and I of what we need to be doing to keep our busy business not just going but in the best position it can be to accelerate out of this period of CHAOS.

CLARITY – be super clear in what you need to do and make sure that is clearly understood to all your stake holders. Be very clear in your objectives and outcomes. 

CHANGE – the world has indelibly changed and won’t be the same. Its mad to want everything exactly the way it was before – use this as an opportunity to embrace new ways of being, working, living. We’ve found new ways of working, new ways of training, new ways of marketing our products.

CAPITALISE on the lull – there are so many people and businesses using this as an extended Easter break. This is madness. Use this time to do all the strategic project work you didn’t think you had time for in your day to day business, use it as time get ahead of your competitors.

COMMUNICATE – more than you ever thought you needed too. We’ve instigated: daily Board meets, weekly Zoom meets for the whole network, bi-weekly communications and upped our social to engagement to keep our audiences up to date and to feel a sense of inclusion, regardless of how remote people are. 

COMPETENCY – you have to stay on top of the changing sets of skills and training you need to lead you team in the best way possible, and distinguish yourself in terms of your skill set. It builds respect, enables you to mentor and lead, and helps your business stay in front of the competition. 

CREDIT – give positive team feedback. Reward and support your teams that are performing in these incredible times

COURAGE – there are some very tough calls being made now. No one I know is not affected some way by furlough, distance from loved ones, redundancy and or illness. However not facing up to the long term ramification of these times and taking decisive action risks their entire future. There are going to be tough calls.  

COMPASSION – having empathy for what people are going through is key. You have a heart – use it in direct proportion to your head – balancing emotional as well as commercial factors.

CANDOUR – be honest. We have engaged our whole team in tough decisions – and been very honest about ramifications in the medium term.

CHAOS – embrace it as not being wholly negative.

Take care,



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