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What to look for in a health supplement fulfilment provider? 

When you scale your health supplement business there are a couple of key attributes you need to make sure are in place when you’re considering a logistics and/or fulfilment provider.  

1. Make sure your provider has built in business continuity

Running up to Christmas 2022 there were issues with some of the carriers becoming very overloaded and Royal Mail repeatedly going on strike. Add that to an upturn in e-commerce sales because the trains were also on strike, retail sales dropped by 7.4 percent and deliveries became unreliable. So, for delivery continuity, you needed to have multiple carrier options available to you which you could switch at a moments notice to another carrier if one of them was failing.

Now, at Diamond you get multiple carrier options and these accounts are simultaneously available to you. So for example if a carrier was struggling in the snow (true life story), then we/you could swiftly switch it to another carrier. Or, if a carrier had issues with its IT (another true story), then again we/you could switch your goods to another carrier. So building in business continuity in turbulent times is a key factor in business success.

If end consumers don’t receive their goods as planned, and then you stop communicating with them, they don’t tend to be very understanding; so you have to make sure that you can easily keep them updated, with minimal impact to what you are doing, and with the support of the experts at Diamond, you can play the logistics game and maximise utilisation of the best carriers. 

2. Environmental issues matter

Consumers are increasingly savvy to the impact of logistics on our environment, so you want to make sure that:

  • Your output is carbon counted
  • Your logistics provider has a green strategy
  • Your packaging is recyclable at the very least.

Diamond has had a green policy in place for the last 20 years. We’re committed to carbon neutrality within the next five years and at the end of 2022, launch a grow a tree programme. You can look at providers such as Tree Nation for this and embed it into your online process. This is a really cost effective way for people to plant a tree to counter their purchase from you. And as for environmental packaging, we’ve got a variety of packaging suppliers that we can put you in touch with that can make sure you are provided with the most environmentally friendly packaging that is going to still deliver your goods in the pristine condition that supplement consumers demand. 

3. Have multiple marketplace capability

It’s important to establish easy access to your website tribe who will simply purchase your goods directly from you. But to truly scale your business you want to look at retail options common multiple marketplaces such as OnBuy, Wowcher, Groupon, Amazon and so many more.  

I mean, we integrate with dozens of different marketplaces, still maintaining a unified stock sync inventory so that people are buying what is actually available whilst also ensuring that you can be marketing globally, to multiple audiences, seamlessly with all your logistics still managed from one fulfilment centre. This means scaling your opportunities is only limited to the boundaries of your ambition! 

If you need a great logistics provider to help you scale your supplements business then you know who to call. Our team can be contacted on 0333 567 5888, emailed at or you can complete our contact form below.


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