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diamond Covid 19 Response 2020

Keep Calm Corona-1-1To reassure our clients and network partners on continuity of service here’s what steps diamond has taken to ensure we can still fulfil and deliver.

Our primary focus is endeavouring to keep our team and clients are kept as safe as possible whilst ensuring we can operate. We would like to reassure our Clients, Network  Partners and Team that whilst we are approaching this matter with the traditional diamond perspective  (i.e. rational, calm and with good humour) we are taking this matter extremely seriously. We have close affiliation with sources within the NHS and Emergency Planning and have created a policy balancing commercial demand and desire to remain operational and safeguarding our Team and Clients.

Its very important that whilst all businesses endeavour to minimalise risks to clients and team members its important to be calm and balance the needs of consumers and business too.  An under reaction and we could cause irresponsible spreading of the virus – and over reaction and we could halt vital supply chain – medicines, home deliveries of cleaning supplies, food – and put 1000’s of small businesses, who rely on consumer demand, out of business.

Here’s what we are doing;

  • We have issued a Covid 19 policy and continue to update it as facts change.
  • We are seeking clarification from our clients with regard to impact on supply in the event of their goods coming from areas such as China and Italy who have been impacted by the virus.
  • We are allocating resources to ensure we can adapt flexibly to unpredictable influxes of goods.
  • If our Team become ill, as every one of our team are multi skilled, we will transfer people from administrative and support functions to operational to ensure we can fulfil and deliver. Admin functions will be transferred to people self isolating in the event of illness.
  • We are still launching new sites and will continue to do so after a risk evaluation based on government guidelines. Should the situation worsen and government advice changes we will delay launches until government advice suggests it is safe again.

Our advice to clients is here:

It is based on government information and may change so please keep an eye on our blog and social pages for the latest updates.

If you have queries please email our Group Operations Director Natalie Wainwright at



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