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Is using a Same Day courier expensive?

People can be put off booking a Same Day courier because of the perception of its cost.

There is a generally held opinion that Same Day courier is expensive.

But the reality is far from this.


The Cost of Same Day Delivery

Same Day delivery can actually be CHEAPER than Overnight delivery via carriers.

Lets explore how.

The key to making your deliveries as cost-efficient as possible is maximising the utilisation of your Same Day courier vehicles.

From small vans to Transit sized vans to Artic lorries – all of these vehicles are available with Diamond Logistics, and subject to agreement, you can use that vehicle and driver as much or as little as you like within agreed terms.

So, to minimise your cost…..maximise your usage!

For example, local deliveries can be cheaper by Same Day courier, as can heavier deliveries.

3 boxes of heavy tiles from Guildford to Godalming may be £15 for a van and over £20 for an overnight delivery (prices approximate and subject to change).

A second great example is putting multiple deliveries on your dedicated vehicle and creating a delivery run. This can really reduce the unit delivery price as you’ll be charged mileage, but this cost is divided by the number of deliveries made along the way.

Often the larger the goods the more cost-effective it is to use a Same Day courier.


The Cost of Failure

Another important thing to evaluate is the cost of the Same Day courier against the cost of the goods not arriving.

If the cost of the goods not arriving is MORE than the cost of the delivery, then it’s a sound financial choice to use Same Day.

So, when you have a plane waiting to take off, or an engineer waiting for a part, delivery can be essential. It will cost more for these people to wait then it takes to upgrade to a Same Day courier.


The Price

In terms of pricing, think broadly in terms of a mileage charge of around £1.50 a mile (dependant on vehicle size) plus minimum, drop, congestion and tolls.

The longer the distance the higher the cost.

If you’d like to discuss your Same Day requirements then get in touch today at, call 0333 567 5888 or complete the below Contact form:


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