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Specialist sector: Toy fulfilment in 2023 

The New Year is a time for eCommerce retailers to get out there and source products for their shops. So there’s lots of trade shows going on at the start of the year such as the Toy Fair 2023 which is held at Olympia London between the 24th to the 26th January. With many clients in the toy sector, we look at what is important in toy fulfilment and delivery process for this market:

1: They have passionate consumers

The client experience is incredibly important, so having a very trusted eCommerce fulfilment partner for companies in the toy sector is essential. By the time you spent a lot of effort and money getting a customer, you want them to keep buying from you again, and again. So the key to this is always having lots of other products that will be of interest to them and making sure that their customer experience is as smooth as conceivably possible, so that they keep buying from you. That’s where really good eCommerce fulfilment can help. 

2: They need a wider range of carriers to deliver a wide range of goods

One of the reasons Diamond is really good at this type of fulfilment is because we have a multi carrier solution. This means that regardless of the size of your goods, we can dispatch it all. So you may have swings for the garden or you may have a football to send out and we will have a carrier that is best for that particular consignment and the destination. If you have premier goods then we have premier carriers if you’ve got lower cost goods that don’t warrant the white glove treatment then we’ve got a carrier to match that too. 

3: They need to have multiple marketplaces

At Diamond, we also have stock synced live inventory that works with multiple marketplaces. So, you can be selling your goods on your own website via something like Shopify and WooCommerce, it can be integrated with Linnworks, you can be on eBay and on Amazon and your customers will only buy what you’ve got in stock. This is really important from a customer experience perspective. 

Technology that supports toy fulfilment needs

The really great thing about using Diamond, is that we have Despatchlab, our very own one stop logistics platform. So you get to see all your picks, packs and dispatches in real time. The enables you to keep an eye on us without having to be physically present in our warehouse! Part of our service also includes proactive logistics management so that you need never speak to a carrier again!

Within your service level agreement we will agree what remedial action needs to be taken if something goes wrong and in 99% of all cases we can sort it out before your customer even notices. This is really important for the long term value of your client relationship as you want your customers to keep coming back and buying more. 

So, if you are in the toy space, then Diamond Logistics may well be the fulfilment partner for you; particularly if you are dispatching over 200 consignments a month. Do get in touch. We can really help. Simply give our team a call on 0333 567 5888, email us at or complete our contact form below. 


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