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Subscription boxes – why it’s great business

Subscription box supply and demand is booming and set to double year on year…

According to the Royal Mail Subscription Box supply and demand is set to double.  And we have a specialist fulfilment and delivery centre in Bournemouth who can help you when you want to grow your business. 

There are three different types of subscription box experiences:

  • Access – specially curated or unique content not easily obtainable outside the subscription 
  • Repeat – stuff you need time and time again
  • Curation – specially selected items tailored to your personal likes and dislikes 

And there are so many  – some that have now established themselves as household names like Glossybox, Dollar Shave and Degusta  

Outsourcing fulfilment and delivery

When should you start to outsource? Our experience shows that the best time to outsource is by the time you get to 200-300 boxes a month. It’s at this point that when factoring the time it takes you to manage this process as well as the cost to your business in terms of your time lost.  Plus economies of scale we can offer you, that make perfect sense to outsource this function in your business.

It’s likely you’ve had your subscription box offering for a few months at least, possibly a year? You’ve got your suppliers and it’s a monthly box with up to 6-7 items including your remarketing materials (you are remarketing, aren’t you??). You’re determined to grow and you need a long term business plan as it will be a 12 month contract to start – including minimum targets. 

Supporting your business growth

A growth plan is important. A detailed sales and marketing plan with a scale-up strategy demonstrating progress over a few months will also help us to evaluate the best package we can offer you. The faster you scale, the more cost effective your fulfilment becomes, so it’s worth your time to think about this properly. 

We have a few successful ones we are already working with for you to take a look at – and indeed, a couple of start-ups we are launching in 2023. Check out:

TAKK –  this is Pinar Akiskalioglu’s subscription box which is aimed at simplifying life by providing high quality monthly essentials on a subscription basis.  

If you’d like to talk to us about it then speak to Jo and her team in Bournemouth – they are our specialist subscription box site.  You can catch them at or on 01202 069 460.   

Or speak to a member of our sales team at


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