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South Wales Network Partners: Diamond expands into a new patch

New Fulfilment & Delivery Partner in Cardiff

At Diamond, we’ve started the year on a positive note with the launch of yet another Network Partner. This week, we caught up with Andrew and Dan from our new branch in South Wales. We chatted exclusively about their backgrounds, their plans for the future and how they connected with Diamond.

Andrew and Dan have known each other for over 12 months after they met through a mutual contract with Amazon. They were based in similar areas and discussed joining forces to grow both their businesses, DRJ Logistics and AM Logistics. They recently took on Jon Perry as a sales manager with extensive experience in logistics.

What is your experience working in the logistics industry?

Dan: I have a military background where I worked as an engineer. I started working in the logistics industry when I joined Amazon in 2019 on a DSP contract.

Andrew: I was made redundant in January 2020 which started the ball rolling from a career in fleet management to logistics. I did have some basic knowledge around logistics from my time at university, but I have learnt an awful lot on the job.

What do you love about your job?

Andrew: No two days are the same. I get bored very quickly and like the excitement of logistics. The freedom and the ability to start and grow my own company. Freedom to choose what my day entails. Flexibility that it fits into my life instead of me fitting into it.

How did you connect with Diamond Logistics?

Dan: I was initially approached by Diamond’s commercial team by phone on a recommendation from someone else. We were already planning to join forces and develop our companies together so the timing was perfect.

Andrew: I had already come across Diamond on LinkedIn and was already aware of the business when Dan brought them up.

What are your goals for 2023?

Dan: Our main goal is growth and we have a great opportunity in the patch we operate in. In 2020, we had 5 vans and 8 drivers and at the start of 2023, we now have 95 vans and 130 drivers. There has been a lot of eCommerce businesses relocating their companies within our postcode scope. We are also actively supporting Welsh companies expand and grow with fulfilment and courier services.

How do you hope to expand your offering to clients now that you have partnered with Diamond?

Andrew: Our network partnership with Diamond is the perfect addition to our already existing operation. It has presented us with a completely new client base with the opportunity to offer new and improved services such as same day delivery, next day delivery and fulfilment. It completes the full circle of delivery services for us and presents us with a multi-channel approach.

Becoming a network partner can unlock a variety of opportunities for your courier company, if you would like to know more, get in touch. Our team can be contacted on 0333 567 5888. Alternatively, email us at or complete our contact form below.



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