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What do we mean by ‘fulfilment’? 

When you hear the term ‘fulfilment’ you may think of an impersonal despatch centre with production line conveyers working around the clock. But, from our point of view, this isn’t really what fulfilment is about. There’s a world of difference between fulfilment solutions in what they offer and the quality of their service. This is why, at Diamond, we look to dispel the myth of the impersonal and impenetrable fulfilment centre and outline why we deliver a relationship focused and practical service for our customers.

What do we mean by fulfilment?

This is a broad term that cover many logistics functions that a service provider will fulfil. What is perhaps more important though is the standard of this service and what it includes.

We pride ourselves of offering a comprehensive fulfilment service for our clients.

This includes:

  • Maintaining your online inventory
  • Securely storing your inventory for despatch
  • Receive orders through your marketplaces
  • Picking and packing products
  • Using your branded packaging
  • Shipping orders using a range of carriers
  • Handling returns

We ensure that the staff in our centres are trained to the highest level. We do this to make sure your products are handled and sent with the utmost care and attention.

What makes our fulfilment solution different?

Our fulfilment solutions are tailored, fully integrated and customer focused. The last thing you will want as a retailer is to find that your customers are receiving incorrect, damaged, or delayed orders. That is why we have worked hard on the fine details of our fulfilment solution.

Technology driven

We know that an efficient fulfilment centre needs to be managed through technology. This is why we have invested in creating our own one-stop bespoke fulfilment and logistics platform, Despatchlab.

Our system is easy to use and allows our clients to track their inventory, picking, packing and delivery from one location. It will also automatically find the most cost-effective carriers for your particular products and delivery timeframes.

Despatchlab is fully integrated with all major marketplaces and eCommerce platforms. This means we can show live stock levels and provide alerts for when items are running low.

Specialist market sectors

From alcohol, childrensware and wellness products to homeware, sports, medical and subscription boxes, we are able to cater for a very diverse range of fulfilment needs. Through these relationships, we understand the particular needs of businesses in these specialist sectors and can tailor solutions for them. We can service your fulfilment needs from your local centre, or despatch from a specialist centre for your sector. It’s your choice.

A tailored service

Great fulfilment is about bringing a personal touch in a practical environment. Our fulfilment centres are geared up to handle your branded packaging and to source packing materials that work for your products and brand values. We do this because we know that our customers expect this.

Fulfilment that grows with your business

We have helped business grow from one pallet to a major distributor. As a business that has scaled itself from the ground up, we understand the needs of a growing enterprise and we will work with your business’s particular fulfilment requirements.

This is why we offer our customers flexible terms, scale up packages and tailored growth programmes, so we can help your business really fly.

If you would like to know more about fulfilment solutions, give our team a call on  0333 567 5888, email us at, or complete our contact form below.


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